New Orleans Helping Hand: Conscious Collective NOLA #CCNola

Created by Mitzi Alfortish (the visionary behind CC:NOLA, Artist, Web Designer as well as Art and Music Connoisseur), Conscious Collective NOLA groups people of all different talents together in one location to showcase the local talent as well as provide help to New Orleanians in need of any kind of artist help.

"We are a collective of artists with talents spread across the board. Whether it be fine art, illustration, graphic, digital, and web design, screen printing, photography or video production/editing or any of your art desires, we can fulfill them. Not to mention the musicians, producers, and djs that we have in our collective that are guaranteed to provide the vibes you so desire. Anything that you can think of that you need done, someone in our collective can do it."

The site also provides listings of local music and art shows coming up in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Feel free to contact Mitzi about any upcoming listings you want posted.