The Colossal Heads in The Rising Star

 "A band full of talent and potential is sure to impress audiences with their sound and style..."
"This band is a product of ideas and dreams that have come together to create a masterpiece of sound. The Colossal Heads strive to re-invent Rock music and bring it back to a time before it was lost in the past 5 decades. They have successfully created the sound of pure and passionate Rock N Roll..."
"Taking rock back to its roots, The Colossal Heads are the next big thing in music. Beyond the bounds of traditional artistry, they will keep you on edge from start to finish with their eerie, yet beautiful guitar tones, powerful drum performance, and intense bass swells. Oh and did I mention they can sing, too? After seeing one show form these guys you can tell they love what they do, and they are damn good at doing it."

                                                              - Nate Schmitt, The Rising Star (Aug 07, 2013)