Talks Underway of Getting TCH back in the Studio

Last year, we dropped The Colossal Heads EP...our first recorded work of art. Throughout our time on the road, the 5 song EP made its way into many hands and got played on quite a few radio stations around the southern U.S, as well as some online radio shows and blogs in other countries. 

In February 2015, we return to the studio where we will be recording an entire, full-length album.
This album will be bigger, longer, dirtier, grungier, and LOUDER than our previous release, and we are all very anxious to get back into the yo and pump this beast out.

We need you now more than ever to #supportlocalrockmusic ! Check in on the site from time to time and stay up to date with our local shows around Nola. Everything we make at our live performances goes to our forever growing online and digital presence so that everyone all over the world can feel the love we portray through our instruments. NOT ONE DOLLAR we make goes in our pockets.

Enlightened and in-tune (mostly), we strive to spread the message of love and originality to everyone everywhere. In this age we are moving towards, we are constantly battling with our inner-selves and the one thing that can help keep the peace during the transition is the love of music. 

It is our purpose in this life to awaken help heal you...and to guide you towards a way of living where you aren't just a day-to-day slave, but a powerful, impactful soul who leaves their mark of love on everyone they meet. 

-The Colossal Heads