TCH & The Desert Slice Tour: Cali bound

Celebration is in order! 

After countless hours and many late nights, The Desert Slice Tour is officially booked.
(We're looking at you Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Louisiana) 

Switch off your Airplane mode America and partner with us to help continue our journey across the country paving the way for the new age of Enlightenment. True, cerebral music still that will consciously shake you into a higher understanding. The mind is a powerful tool that is completely disregarded by over 75% of the people in the United States, and I am tired of thinking that one day someone will just come along with the voice of reason that needs to be heard. Tony, Kyle, and I have dedicated our lives to providing you with a pure form of sound; a vibration of sound that sinks deep into the deepest part of your heart. To the many people who already understand: 

You are the movement and I love you all. Become part of our family and help us restore human consciousness. 
We are your cure. 

The Colossal Heads