The Art of Heroes

"The Art of Heroes" 

As the smoke clears and the past is slowly erased, one thing is certain...things may never be the same again. Artifacts that were once priceless are reduced to disposable goods. Church and state reach the ultimate stalemate, and architecture seized to amaze as technology itself digs the early graves. These are trying times to say the least, and days this dull beg for heroes.


Not all heroes wear masks, however. Not all heroes have super strength, comic books, or even alter egos. In fact, some heroes have one thing, and one thing only: Passion. Passion for creativity, passion for art, and most importantly, passion to make a change. 


Enter The Colossal Heads. This rock trio based in New Orleans, Louisiana (not your typical home plate for a sonic uprising mind you) find themselves at home against the current. In a world where lights and camera are king, this group of musicians is all about action. Honest, loud, and in tune (mostly), every Colossal Head show is a signal flaire to bring the people back to good via intelligent lyrics, urgent musical delivery, and enough energy to power the future of art itself. The art of heroes. 


With Tony Italiano on guitar and vocal delivery, ideas and emotions are conveyed through a hungry audience with the help of a dynamic and dangerous rhythm section of Danny Lester on bass guitar and Kyle Carroll on drums. Organic, no batteries required, rock music.


This band is Not Quiet.

This band is Not Tired.

This band is Not The Same.


This band is Punk Rock.

This band is The Change.

This band is The Colossal Heads.