Truth in a Time of Lies

"Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from the heaven to the soul."
First of all, this is not a political rant; these are words coming from my heart. It is hard for all of us (Tony, Kyle and I) to express our music through words, but this is an attempt for me to try to get you to understand why we do it. I know many people will ignore this post, and I also know many people will judge me for being real...and if you are one of those people...well then fuck you. The blindness in our society has struck a nerve, and this post has become a necessary one. The words that follow define who we are. Legends like Hendrix, Morrison, Cobain, The Ramones, (and many others) have DIED to preserve this idea of love and individuality and it's time someone speaks up about the reality of OUR reality. 

My name is Danny Lester, and I am a broke musician. I work almost every night waiting tables for little money, even though I have a college degree, so that I can travel to bring something new, pure and original into this world that I feel has been almost completely lost and forgotten in our generation. I have a responsibility to the brave men and women of history to keep this idea alive. I would rather be broke for the rest of my life just to have this message reach a few people who truly understand it.

The Colossal Heads = An electric guitar, a bass, a set of drums, and a voice. Our performances consist of 3 mother fuckers who wear their hearts on their sleeves and give their souls away to the people for an hour and a half at every single show, whether there is 5 people or 5,000. No laptops. Every experience is different and never is any one song played the same. Somewhere along the path between our generation and past generations, the world as whole lost something great. It lost its ability to speak. It lost its ability to hear. It lost its ability to act. But worst of all, it lost its individuality. Music is so influential on the brain that the type you listen to actually has the ability to change the way you think and look at the world...

Think about that for a second. 

Take some time to observe your surroundings. Feel the energy being absorbed into your body right now. Whether you are in the air conditioning or outside in the heat (or cold), just take a second to reflect on all that you have done in your life that has brought you to your current place in time. Everyone's life is guided by the music they listened to at different points in their lives. All of those pictures of your past have a soundtrack that brings you back. Whether the memories are good or bad, music was there to jack you up, calm you down, or live in a moment of genuine love. Since the beginning of time music has been a way for everyone to silently bond and to connect to one another without saying ONE word. I know every person has had a time in their life where they have felt an overwhelming sense of happiness from a song that grabs their heart. A new song that a friend introduces you to has the ability to actually affect your energy inside of you. This euphoria is love. A wise person said,

 "It is not the Love that hurts. It is the pain from a broken heart, and the emptiness from being alone that hurts. Feeling love is the best and happiest feeling anyone can experience in the world." 

If you understand anything from this, understand that we love you so much that we live to give ourselves completely to you. We were born for it. We write our music day after day and try to reach out to people not because we want FUCKING FAME! But because we want you, the people, to feel what is in our hearts.

I believe we can all help this generation make a "right turn" for a changeand to stop following all the wrong ones. 

The Colossal Heads