You Will Always Have a Voice...

Last Saturday @Banks St Bar was one HELL of a show!

First of all, I'd like to thank all those that came out. It made us all feel great to see the support of Punk Rock and the message we are trying to send to people. This show marks the beginning of a journey we are taking for the better of our society, and for the world. In the past we could not understand why no one truly cared about the music and our voice. Discussion after discussion left us lost in our reality of radio pop songs and sugar infested diets. Then it hit us like a ton of bricks...

WHY is society the way it is?
WHY are people sleeping through their lives?
WHY are we all slaves to the media and living in a falseness of Freedom?

It is because our country wants it that way...constantly pouring fear in you while you go about your routines so that we don't WAKE UP and see the big picture. Look, we LOVE the USA. Love it so much we are willing to be the voice and say what needs to be said. Love it SO MUCH that we understand what is happening to us in this day and age is unconstitutional and unlawful. We want you to just check the facts so you can see what we see. False flag operations that lead to war where our sons and daughters are put on the battlefield to die for WEALTH and MATERIALS should be unacceptable. Yet, time after time do we allow the media to enrage our minds toward a "threat" of terrorism that we must engage. I am sick of war, I am sick of hearing manufactured lies, and I am sick of living day to day in a society that revolves around my broke ass having to pay the man to live my life.

We, the people, need to realize money is a material thing. A material thing that we all "live" to accumulate. How many people live in this routine: wake up, "3 S's" (shit/shower/shave), go to work while listening to shitty radio, home, tv, then sleep with a few meals in between. This was not the life God meant for us. We are all part of the universe, and all meant to better one another in order to benefit society as a whole!
I know you've probably been feeling weird as if there is a certain type of internal struggle within yourself is because we are moving into the Age of Aquarius where our true selves are pushing and forcing their way out! This has been told to be the Age of Enlightenment. An age of health, love, and true awakening within ourselves.


NO more TV. NO more poppy crap blaring on repeat from our radios. NO more FEAR.
I, for one, am SO tired of hearing people tell me there is nothing I can do about the lies and wars that are being created to make the rich richer and keep the poor/middle class (because they are now the same category) in slavery. 

It all starts with a voice.
TCH will be that voice.
The Punk Rock Revival is imminent.